The Works of John Garrett

The Life-Taker

In times of desperation, sometimes a hero is the last thing you need.

In the darkest hours, sometimes only a villain can offer a kingdom a chance for salvation.

Kurzhon, The Life-Taker, is the last member of the lost race of Vultaikans – warriors feared and hated across the lands for their murderous ways. Like his ancestors before him, this ruthless fighter solves problems with violence and intimidation, making him a man with a target on his back.

But when the ruling powers from the kingdom of Resslayke need a great warrior, The Life-Taker is their only hope of victory, and they will stop at nothing to force him into the fight.

Marked by a magician as a means of coercion, Kurzhon is left unable to hide from those seeking vengeance for his bloodthirsty ways. With no other choice, he is forced to travel to the beleaguered kingdom where he is drawn into the conflict of two nations.

Using his arsenal of deadly skills, while confronting old enemies and making new ones, the last of the Vultaikans must navigate these dark waters of deceit if he is to survive.

The Life-Taker: The Raiders

When Kurzhon, called The Life-Taker, discovers his sanctuary raided, he embarks on mission of recovery… and revenge.

Guards will be beaten, egos will be crushed, and oh yes… lives will be taken.

A short story of violence and revenge!

Chronicles of The Life-Taker

A callous insult from foolish nobles ignites the fury of The Life-Taker, thus causing a town of innocents to suffer the brunt of his wrath.

A short story of petty words and dire consequences!

The Cold Elf

A young, bitter Elf, angry after generations of unjust treatment from the hated Humans, undertakes a solitary journey in search of a weapon to save his people, but risks the return of ancient powers.

A novella of hatred and dark purpose.

How to Deal with Stupid Clowns…

You’ll have to forgive me for this one. I was neck deep in the whole blogging thing at the time I wrote and drew it.

Blogging can have an adverse effect on the brain so cut me some slack, already…!

The Bill Collectors: Someone Must Pay

Jackknife Jenkins, a man wanted by every intelligence agency the world over, makes his plans and gathers his allies, but for what purpose?

36 page comic by John Garrett and Leonardo Romanelli!